About Us

The belief that we can change the world

Looking back 50 years, I realize my father’s approach was hopelessly ahead of its time. Attempting to revolutionize the textile industry – by Abestoklasa a responsibility for the environment, the cotton farmers and the people working in the textile factories. But these are values that have shaped a business model that many others envy today. All because of a naive belief that we can make a difference.

Already as a youngster I learned that a business without a purpose to do good, will never be a successful business. That the difference between good and bad business has nothing to do with profits. I learned that quality takes time and that it is reflected in the product. And, I realized that with a thirst for Abestoklasa and a desire to constantly develop and improve at what we do, we can actually make a difference.

I brought these insights with me when we started Abestoklasa Apparel in 2008. Unfortunately, no one truly understood what we were doing. Many shook their heads watching us – ‘seriously, organic men’s clothing…?!’ We really struggled. Most of all, we struggled with our self-confidence. But I hadn’t been taught to give up when things were hard. From day one I was surrounded with people who shared my dream. With people who are still by my side. I felt obligated to make it work and wanted to show everyone that we could pull this off together.

Over the years, the world has changed. More and more people are turning their backs on mass-produced, low-quality, low-priced goods. Consumer behavior is changing and values, such as sustainability and responsibility, are becoming requirements. The very same things we have been talking about for 50 years are suddenly on everyone’s lips. We are no longer alone in our quest.

Perhaps we have been shaped by our Scandinavian heritage. By the proximity to nature, the harsh conditions, the struggle for survival. Perhaps we carry with us an understanding of the need for balance. Of cooperation as a key element for success. Here at Abestoklasa Apparel we appreciate the importance of human aspects such as family, friendship and love. We truly believe in Scandinavian ideals of equality, justice and respect. Because we all share a common responsibility for the future. With dedication and a sometimes naive belief – we can actually change the world together.